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Smart Kai is your AI-powered assistant that magically manages your social media posts and schedule!

SmartKai is 50% off for Fownders members for the first six months!


3 Reasons why you will love Kai

Increase Website Traffic
Kai increases website traffic from social media by continuously sharing the right evergreen content at the right time
Boost Social Media Engagement
Only 5% of people see your content ever time you share it. Since Kai intelligently schedules your evergreen content multiple times, it allows more people to see your amazing content
Save Time & Money
People spend ~7 hours each week scheduling, and posting content on social media. Kai automates that and adds intelligence to the process

Wondering how Kai works?

(Hint: It involves magic ✨✨✨ )

Add your content - blogs, infographics, posts etc. - to Kai
Simply add your content to Smart Kai from your website, RSS or excel spreadsheet (coming soon).

Organize content in categories (we call playlists) to make it easy for you and Kai to manage your social media.
Tell Kai the content it can share on your social media accounts multiple times - evergreen content
Once your content is added, just tell Kai which content is evergreen and can be shared multiple times on social networks.

Evergreen content is great for your website. You create it once, and let Kai share it multiple times, increasing your content and website exposure.
Kai analyzes your content, whips up an intelligent schedule and shares it automatically to maximize engagement
Kai analyzes over 12 signals (e.g., your content, social media chatter, website and post analytics) to identify the best content to post next. This ensures, Kai posts the content, which will maximize social media impact.

No two pieces of content are same, so why treat them similarly? Kai understands the difference and maximizes the engagement on your best content.
Kai also identifies the best time to post
Kai intelligently finds the best time to post content. Not only does it look at your profile engagement but it also incorporates the current social media trends, and content details to identify the best time to share on social media.
Shhh... Did we tell you Kai knows magic too ;)
In addition, to all the amazing stuff above, Kai uses some magic to create amazing social media posts.

We would like to say more about it, but magical things happen to people who wait.

Sign-up for the invite and we will tell more soon.

Kai is constantly learning and getting smarter

Kai gets smarter as it learns more about your social media accounts and your content.

Also, Kai makes his learnings and insights available as he goes, so that you no longer have to analyse and extract insights yourself.


AI Powered Scheduling
Schedule the most impactful content at the right time
Evergreen Content Recycling
Share your evergreen content multiple times to increase exposure
Visual Calendar
Easily see and manage your content schedule
Gain insights on how your content is performing across networks
Content Playlists
Organize social media management with the help of categories
Content Notification
Stay in the loop with email notifications
Content Audit
Get periodic audit report to make sure your content stays up to date
Content Creation
Easily add content using RSS or create a post with intuitive UI
Share your content across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (more networks coming soon)

Kai works with your favorite social networks

Profile, Pages, Groups
Profile, Pages
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Sign up for SmartKai Beta

We're launching soon in private beta - sign up to get an invite.

Sign up for SmartKai Beta

We're launching soon in private beta - sign up to get an invite.
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