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Okay, here are quick 120 words on why this is worth your time!

There is a boatload of content that is published online each day.

And lot of it is just bad!

Our monthly email - SmartKai Letter - started as an email between friends 🍻.

We wanted to save time and share quality articles, podcasts, images, and videos on... marketing, business building, and sometimes life stuff
with each other.

Soon, our ad-hoc emails became a monthly letter for friends, and the monthly letter caught 🔥

A number of people asked to be included on the letter.

So finally...

... we put together this page to make it easy for people to get their hands on our popular monthly letter.

We send just one email a month and sign all our mails off with "love" 💌
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what others are saying about SMARTKAI LETTER

"loved the Neil Patel podcast you guys sent" - Andre G.

"Guys - I just emailed your letter to a bunch of my friends. They loved it. How do they sign up? Please don't waste my time having to forward it ;)" - Nicole S.

"Was not sure if this would be another BS newsletter. But I actually look forward to opening it each time it hits my inbox. OOOPS did I say newsletter" - Patrick F.
Here are answers to to some of your questions and thoughts...

1. When do you send the letter?
We send it out on first Thursday of the month. Next one will be on August 3rd!

2. How long is the letter?
It should take you no longer than 3 - 4 minutes to read. Sometimes there are videos which might keep you glued for a bit longer :p

3. What is the purpose of the letter?
To save you time and make you more productive.

We are anyways going through all the crap 💩. Would be glad if we saved you time and share the best digital marketing and business building content.

4. Why do you call it a LETTER and not a newsletter?
Friends don't send friends newsletters.

They send letters 💌

5. I hate spam🚫
So do we.

If you don't find our letter worth 3 minutes of your day. Unsubscribe from it and let us know why we didn't meet your expectation.

6. What the hell is SmartKai?
Read about us here and here.
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